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Wild Memories Taxidermy (WMT) is an award winning, custom taxidermy studio located in Carle Place, New York (Nassau County, Long Island). WMT serves the entire Northeast and beyond. Practicing the art of taxidermy since 1998, WMT excels in applying intense wildlife reference study to reproduce an accurate interpretation of your trophy. 

At WMT, we understand what the great outdoors mean to you. Time spent afield with friends and loved ones is much more precious and memorable when success finally comes. Whether it’s that elusive whitetail buck on pop’s farm, an explosive late winter rooster pheasant by the hedgerow, or a gold medal stag that you traveled across the globe to bag, we know how important it is to make your outdoor memory last. With intense study of wildlife anatomy, nature, and artistry, WMT looks forward to working with you to create that unique piece that will immortalize your success and help you relive the moment!
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World Silver Medalist
Mount By
Fred  Barilla
National Champion
Mount By
Fred  Barilla
Mount By
Fred  Barilla
North American Champion